Shilpa Press Reviews

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Shilpa Raj Sethuraman

January 14, 2014: Mylapore Talk
“In Harmony with Each Other: Splendid show by Mom (Madhusri) and daughter (Shilpa).”

January 5, 2013: Dinamalar
“Shilpa’s meticulous footwork and her lively performance was a feast to one’s eyes!”

March 2005: Daily Iowan
“Dancing fit for a King.”

March 2004: Indian Express
“The varnam in saptharagamalika offered full scope to Madhushri and her daughter to showcase their talents in effervescent manner. Daughter shilpa was able to show her mastery throughout the varnam.”

November 2001: Sruti Magazine
“Nine year old Shilpa Sethuraman, daughter and student of Madhushri sethuraman was most impressive…”

January 7, 2001: News Today
“Next followed child prodigy Shilpasri rendering the number Tha Thai Endraduvar the child simply mesmerized the audience.”

August 2000: Kadhiravan
“Shilpa Raj Sethuraman … it is rare to find such extraordinary ability in one at such a young age.”

August 2000: Telugu Daily
“The technical excellence of Shilpa Sethuraman was so pleasing and it can definitely be said that the audience were spell bound. The alternation involving the mridangam and her footwork depicting Lord Subramanya was so precise and without hesitation of any kind about her physical and mental movements can only be compared to Kumari kamala in her younger days.”

July 23, 2000: News Today
“The rendering of jathiswaram and Sabdam was captivating and the combination of nritta and abhinaya was excellent. Her talent was a delight to watch which revealed the dancer’s dynamic capacity and skill”

July 23, 2000: Dinamalar
“In the bhajan about Krishna, Shilpa transformed as Krishna himself. In Valaj Thillana, she excelled herself. People admired her competence in dance even at such a young age”

August 13, 2000: Kadiravan
“Shilpa danced to a fully packed auditorium. Shilpa danced with flowing grace and perfect adavus. The Varnam on Lord Rama was done so easily that she amazed the audience. To see such talent at such a young age is astonishing”

July 1997: The Hindu
“Jathilayasaaram was an interesting piece danced by both Madhusri and her five year old who already seems to be a keen student of dance.”

June 20, 1996: News Today
“Rare caliber and professional elegance pervaded the child prodigy Shilpa while rendering the number aadum Chidambaramo in Rag Behag. Oh! She expressed herself with very femininer charm, vivacity and grace even at the age of four and her performance suggested a young kamala in the making.”